Gods of Time

Choose a class, explore the world and do battle with other players. The graphics aren't very sophisticated but fans of Pokemon-style battle games might enjoy this one.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.


ArchLord uses a crafting system, which allows players to upgrade items in a very unique way as well as allows players to carve, skin and ransack any defeated monster. The materials achieved using carving, skinning and ransacking skills are used in Alchemy and Cooking to create powerup items. Alchemy creates metamorphosis potions which allows a player to transform into monsters, whereas cooking allows a player to create food which give statistic bonuses, eg. defense buff.

9 Dragons

If you want to become a martial artist just like the one you see in the movies. Then, Become a master of martial arts in Ancient China. Join one of 6 major clans and learn their unique style of kung fu. Realistic fighting action featuring hundreds of authentic martial arts moves and weapons. An exciting adventure awaits you in the land of 9Dragons!


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